Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Horne Announces Judgment Against Fraudulent Engine Repair Shop

PHOENIX (Wednesday, June 22, 2011)  --  Attorney General Tom Horne today announced a $255,000 judgment entered in Maricopa County Superior Court against a Phoenix-based fraudulent engine repair business.

Horne stated, “The business in this case has been found to perform shoddy work, refuses to honor warranties, and has engaged in false advertising and egregious overcharging.  The owners of this business have been ordered to make restitution and pay other costs and they are now prohibited from working in the auto repair business. I am committed to combating this and all other types of consumer fraud.”

The Defendants in this case engaged in a fraudulent engine rebuild business located at 2601 W. Cypress Street in Phoenix, Arizona.  Numerous complaints were lodged against All About Engines, LLC, its successor Engine Dr. Inc., and its successor, A+ Engine Builder Specialist, LLC.  We filed suit against the companies and individuals in September, 2009.

In June, 2010, a default Judgment was granted against A+ Engine Builder Specialist, LLC and its principal, Marivel Romero, for $18,911.33 in restitution, $9,000 in civil penalties and $4,662.41 as costs and attorney's fees.  Ms. Romero was also ordered by the Court to accurately represent and honor warranties, obtain documented consent for an increased charge for repairs, perform repairs in a timely and workmanlike fashion and promptly resolve consumer complaints. 

In September, 2010, a default Judgment was granted against All About Engine's manager, Rachel Arvallo for $25,000 in civil penalties.  Ms. Arvallo was also permanently banned from engaging in the automotive repair business within Arizona.

The Court has now entered a Final Judgment against Paul and Catherine Nolan and Engine Dr. Inc., containing the following terms:

  • Restitution in the amount of $170,000.00;
  • Costs and Attorney’s Fees in the amount of $70,000.00;
  • Civil Penalties in the amount of $15,000.00, which has already been paid to the State; and that
  • Defendants Paul Nolan and Engine Dr. Inc. shall not engage in the business of motor vehicle repair or the purchase, sale, refurbishment or installation of motor vehicle parts within the State of Arizona.

This matter was handled by Assistant Attorney General Rebecca Salisbury of the Consumer Protection & Advocacy Section.