Heroin Traffickers Indicted

(Phoenix, Ariz. – August 25, 2004)  The Arizona State Grand Jury indicted Jose Hernandez Jimenez and Cesar Rodriguez Perez on 12 felony drug charges. The defendants were taken into custody on August 14, and made their initial appearance on August 15. 

The indictment alleges that Jimenez and Perez agreed with one or more people to engage in illegal conduct including transportation of heroin for sale, sale and/or the transfer of heroin, and selling, transferring, offering to sell or transfer heroin to a minor. The indictment further alleges that the defendants and co-conspirators committed a number of overt acts outlined throughout the indictment. 

The Grand Jury indicted Jimenez on seven counts of Sale of a Narcotic Drug in an Amount Over the Statutory Threshold and two counts of Involving or Using Minors in Drug Offenses.  The indictment alleges that Jimenez knowingly sold a narcotic drug, heroin, in an amount over the statutory threshold, and knowingly sold or offered to sell heroin to minors. 

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting this case, which is assigned to Assistant Attorney General Billie Rosen.  Attached is a copy of the indictment on which the Attorney General’s Office will refrain from further comment pending the final disposition of this case.