Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Department of Justice Approves Voting Rules

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Oct. 7, 2005)  The Department of Justice today approved the State’s procedures for requiring voters to present identification when they vote at the polls. These procedures implement a portion of Proposition 200 that Arizona voters approved at the 2004 general election. This requirement is the only portion of Proposition 200 that has not yet been implemented.

“This is a critical step forward in our work to implement Proposition 200,” Attorney General Terry Goddard said.  “Now that DOJ has approved the procedures, major efforts will be needed to educate voters about these new requirements.”

The approval letter indicated that counties will need procedures for voters who do not have the necessary identification on Election Day, and those procedures must also be approved by Department of Justice.  Because of the need for Department of Justice approval of the county procedures, the identification requirements will likely not be implemented at the local elections in November 2005.

A copy of the DOJ letter is attached.