Attorney General Visiting Israel to Learn About Security Steps

(Phoenix, Ariz. - December 28, 2004)  Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard will travel to Israel next week to learn more about that nation's legal system and about preventing and responding to terrorist acts.  

Goddard will make the trip Jan. 6 to 14 with attorneys general from several other states.  

"This will be a unique opportunity to study first-hand the ways Israel responds to terrorism and how it protects its citizens," Goddard said.  

The delegation will meet with several top-ranking Israeli officials, including the country's attorney general, defense minister, supreme court chief justice and the head of internal security.  A session with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is also being sought. Other topics to be discussed include extradition, civil rights, youth violence and cyber crime.  

Goddard said he is attempting to schedule meetings with senior Palestinian officials as well. 

"I very much would like to hear their perspectives in the current political environment," he said.  

The trip is being paid for by the America-Israel Friendship League, the Israeli government and the National Association of Attorneys General.