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Mark Brnovich



Attorney General Tom Horne Kicks Off 2013 Consumer Protection Week

Focus on Protecting Seniors from Fraud and Abuse,
Avoiding Travel Scams and Providing More Online Resources

PHOENIX (Monday, March 4, 2013) -- Protecting seniors from fraud and abuse, avoiding travel scams and offering more web-based resources for the public are the focus of Attorney General Tom Horne’s 2013 Consumer Protection Week.

“One of the most important functions of the Attorney General’s Office is to enforce consumer protection laws,” Horne noted.  “Every day, some Arizonans are confronted with potential scammers, con-artists, and Internet predators.  It is the job of my office to help bring criminal predators to justice, and proactively warn Arizonans about the latest schemes that criminals are trying to push each day.”

He added, “I am pleased to announce that the Attorney General’s website has added more resources to help consumers be aware of potential scams and enforcement actions.  And we are preparing an important announcement this week about the critical work being done to protect seniors and vulnerable members of society who are all-too-often victimized by consumer fraud.”

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