Attorney General Mayes Warns Patients About Crisis Pregnancy Centers

PHOENIX — Attorney General Kris Mayes today issued a consumer alert warning Arizonans seeking reproductive healthcare services about a potential obstacle hiding in plain sight: so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers or “CPCs.”
CPCs are facilities that represent themselves as legitimate healthcare clinics providing reproductive healthcare but actually aim to persuade these patients not to have abortions. 
“Every Arizonan has the right to receive clear and accurate information to guide their private medical decisions. Full stop,” said Attorney General Mayes. “Arizonans should be aware that CPCs may make misleading statements about the services they provide, or otherwise attempt to deceive patients in medically vulnerable situations. It’s important for patients to do their research and consult legitimate healthcare providers when seeking abortion care.”
As has been documented around the country, many patients enter CPCs without knowing that CPCs do not perform abortions. CPCs are not always forthcoming about their philosophy and services, and a patient may not realize the CPC will not provide abortion care until it’s too late under state law. That delay can be devastating because many patients cannot afford to travel out of state.  

“My office will also be monitoring for complaints about threats against patients, doctors, healthcare staff, and others regarding abortion care,” added Attorney General Mayes. “Arizonans have the right to make deeply personal decisions that are best for them and their families without interference. I will not stand for those who would use deception to disrupt people’s choices and lives.”

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office recommends that individuals seeking an abortion or other reproductive healthcare services conduct research to choose the type of care that is best for them.
Arizonans who feel they may have been the victim of fraudulent or deceptive practices when seeking an abortion or other reproductive healthcare services may file a consumer complaint with the Attorney General’s Office at

Arizonans can also stay up to date on Arizona laws related to reproductive healthcare and ongoing litigation and get answers to frequently asked questions by visiting

A copy of the consumer alert is available below.