Attorney General Mayes Urges Legislature to Reject SB1221

PHOENIX – Attorney General Kris Mayes issued the following statement on SB1221 being heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee today:

Since taking office, I have prioritized protecting Arizona's water supplies. Whether working to stop corporations from improperly depleting our groundwater or holding polluters accountable, my office is fighting for the wellbeing of 7.5 million residents and the generational sustainability of our communities and economy. 
SB 1221, Basin Management Areas, establishes a bureaucratic web of undefined processes that pose an untenable challenge to the development of fair and impactful water policy. This bill would also threaten to disenfranchise multiple stakeholders across Arizona – from residents to municipalities to businesses. My office opposes SB 1221 and I urge the Legislature to refocus its energy on meaningful conservation and management solutions that protect and sustain all of Arizona's communities.