Attorney General Mayes Issues Statement on Arizona Supreme Court Ruling Granting Additional Stay of 1864 Abortion Law

PHOENIX  – Attorney General Kris Mayes today issued the following statement after the Arizona Supreme Court granted her motion asking for an additional 90 day stay of the mandate in Planned Parenthood vs. Hazelrigg: 

I am grateful that the Arizona Supreme Court has stayed enforcement of the 1864 law and granted our motion to stay the mandate in this case for another 90 days. During this period, my office will consider the best legal course of action to take from here, including a potential petition for certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court. Under the relevant court orders, the earliest the 1864 law can take effect is now September 26, 2024, counting the 90 days granted by the Court today plus the 45 days stipulated in the separate Isaacson vs. Arizona case.

I continue to believe this case was wrongly decided, and there are issues that merit additional judicial review. I will do everything I can to ensure that doctors can provide medical care for their patients according to their best judgment, not the beliefs of the men elected to the territorial legislature 160 years ago.