Attorney General Mark Brnovich Delivers First Speech of Term

Phoenix - Mark Brnovich became Arizona’s Attorney General Monday with his wife Susan, their daughters, and his mother by his side as he took the oath. Inspired by his love for Arizona and commitment to restoring integrity to the Office of the Arizona Attorney General, Brnovich gave an inspiring speech. At one point, General Brnovich joked that his ‘allergies’ caused him to tear up.

Here is the text of General Brnovich’s speech:

"Good morning. I suppose one uses that phrase routinely in the course of his or her life, but I can assure that today is a great morning!

I want to thank all of today’s organizers and those in attendance for their participation and support, especially my wife and family. Mr. Chief Justice Bales, thank you for administering our sacred oath of office.

Growing up in Arizona, I always had a strong interest in the history of our state, and especially the era before statehood. At the center of so many frontier stories there is the courageous lawman, there to protect life and property, maintain order, and to apply the law wisely and fairly. We picture them wearing a silver star and carrying a trusted six- shooter. Yet, all the pioneers in law enforcement: sheriffs, marshals, judges, and prosecutors had more than that on their side. They were fortified with the public trust in positions in which the public trust can matter most. They were known for integrity in offices where integrity is everything.

The setting out West has changed a bit since that time, but the standard is exactly the same. To follow in the path of those lawmen, to take up that same calling as your Attorney General is the privilege of a lifetime! I will strive every day to be worthy of it.

Another thing you realize living in Arizona is that all of the people who move here do so for a reason. They come with the hope of a better life, and the feeling that in Arizona it can really happen. It’s always been that way. Students, start-up businesses, immigrants, and retirees all come for their different reasons. In a way they are all in search of the same good things in life. At the end of the day, everything rests on the rule of the law and the rights of the individual.
As Attorney General, it is my duty to represent all Arizonans, whatever their station in life. For those who marked the line next to my name on the ballot, I thank you. I have been deeply moved by your confidence and support.

For those who marked another name, I will work hard to earn your trust. I will be, just as much, your Attorney General, upholding, in every way I know how to, the dignity and professionalism of this office.

The workings of justice don’t just happen automatically. It is the dedicated men and women of our office who make it happen with their commitment, their patient effort, their ethical standards, and even their moral courage. In the work ahead, you have my word that this office will be true to its great charge and faithful to the demands of justice.

Once again, I thank you all for letting me be part of the American dream where a public school kid from an immigrant family can become your Attorney General.

For more than a century, Arizona has been an incredible place to live, work, raise our families and pursue our dreams. As we move forward today, let us be proud of our tradition and work to preserve it for generations to come.

May God bless you all and this great state we call ‘home’."