Attorney General Mark Brnovich Asks Congress to Reject Federal Energy "Power" Grab

PHOENIX – Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich joined a coalition of 18 states in sending a letter to Congress today opposing the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2022 (the “Act”). The attorneys general argue that the Act’s three interrelated provisions take away states’ ability to chart their own land-use and energy policies.

“The Act is unfair and takes power from states to decide policies for their own people,” said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. “Arizona and Louisiana should not be forced to pay for California and New York’s expensive energy preferences.”

The letter argues that the Act “…would authorize private companies to use eminent domain against state land.” It could also force private companies to construct new facilities. Lastly, the letter says the Act “… would authorize companies to spread costs of constructing new transmission facilities onto residents of other states, requiring citizens of one state to subsidize the agenda of citizens in other states.”

Joining General Brnovich in the letter are the attorneys general from Louisiana, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

Read a copy of the letter here.