Attorney General Horne Indicts Nine Members Of Money Laundering Operation

Phoenix, AZ (Wednesday, December 18, 2013) - Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is today announcing the indictment of nine members of the Manuel Duarte, Jr. Money Laundering Organization in Tucson.  Manuel Duarte, Jr., Jesus Roberto Urrutia-Ramirez, Justine Calderon, Geraldine Calderon, Alexis Goevanni Cervantes, Kathleen Duarte, Manuel Flores Duarte, Englantina Burrola Duarte, and Glenda Duarte Moreno were all indicted by a Pima County Grand Jury for charges relating to their involvement in the laundering of drug proceeds. 

These individuals have been charged with Illegally Conducting an Enterprise, Assisting a Criminal Syndicate, and various counts of Money Laundering. 

In 2012, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration began an investigation into a cocaine trafficking organization operating in the Tucson area. As a result of that investigation, the Border Crimes Enforcement Section of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office began an investigation into possible money laundering activities of Manuel Duarte, Jr. and his friends and family. That investigation uncovered that this group laundered approximately $1.1 million in cash from 2010 through the beginning of 2013 utilizing various bank accounts.

The head of this operation, Manuel Duarte, Jr., was responsible for laundering over $500,000 in his own bank accounts from 2010 through 2012 alone. 

In addition, this group also laundered drug proceeds through real estate purchases. This investigation identified nine properties that were involved in money laundering transactions conducted by this group. Racketeering liens have been placed on these properties by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. Any property or cash forfeited as a result of this investigation will go towards supporting further law enforcement efforts targeted at investigating and prosecuting other racketeering offenses. 

This case was investigated by the Border Crimes Section of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Photos of those indicted are attached. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty.