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Mark Brnovich



Attorney General Goddard Announces Refund to Home Sellers Victimized by Eckerman and His Entities

Attorney General Goddard announces refund to home sellers
victimized by Eckerman and his entities 


(Phoenix, AZ—November 14, 2003) Pursuant to a bankruptcy settlement, the State of Arizona was able to secure funds from Michael Eckerman for consumer refunds.  The funds represent a portion of the monies Michael Eckerman received through purchasing homes from Arizona residents.  Individuals who sold their homes, or entered into related contracts with Michael Eckerman, or one of his entities, may be entitled to some portion of the monies held by the Arizona Office of the Attorney General.  Entities include:  Apollo Industries, L.L.C.; Arizona Residential Property Purchasers, L.L.C.; Central Arizona Property Purchasers, L.L.C.; Desert Valley Property Purchasers, L.L.C.; Eighth Place Properties, L.L.C.; Eighth Place Properties II, L.L.C.; Gaslight Properties, L.L.C.; Global Residential Properties, L.L.C., H.B; Entertainment Properties, L.L.C.; Home Savers, L.L.C.; International Asset Management Group, Inc.; Marquis Management, L.L.C.; Metro Residential Property Purchasers, L.L.C.; Mountain Asset Management Enterprises, Inc.; MTE Investments, LP; NMA Enterprises Corporation; Phoenix Residential Properties, L.L.C.; Red Rock Property Purchasers, L.L.C.; Residential Asset Management, L.L.C.; Southwest Holdings Plus, L.L.C.; Valley Management Associates, L.L.C.; Valley Residential Investments, L.L.C.; Valley Residential L.L.C.; and Valley Residential Property Purchasers, L.L.C.  To inquire, contact Matt Foley at (602) 542-7972 before January 1, 2004.  The entire restitution pool is one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) to be divided amongst consumer claimants.