Aryan Brotherhood Gang Member Sentenced to Life in Prison

KINGMAN - Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced today a member of the Aryan Brotherhood criminal street gang has been sentenced to life in prison for First Degree Murder.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office obtained an indictment against David Evan Bounds in October 2011 charging him with First Degree Murder, Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder, Participating in a Criminal Street Gang, and Misconduct Involving Weapons. This morning, Bounds pled guilty to First Degree Premeditated Murder. Immediately following the acceptance of the plea, Honorable Judge Billy K. Sipe, Jr. sentenced the defendant to life in prison with eligibility for parole only after Bounds had been incarcerated for 25 years. 

In April 2006, David Bounds, along with another white supremacist gang member, arranged to meet Christopher Robin Gromberg in the parking lot of Lake Havasu Island Mall in Lake Havasu, AZ. Bounds used a ruse to lure Gromberg into meeting up by claiming he wished to attend a concert with Gromberg that night. Bounds told Gromberg he and the second gang member would drive to Kingman from Phoenix on April 14, 2006, and Gromberg was to drive the rest of the route to the concert. Bounds never had any intention to attend a concert. Instead, Bounds sought to meet with Gromberg for the sole purpose of murdering him. Shortly after meeting Bounds in the parking lot, Bounds positioned himself in the back seat of the car directly behind Gromberg who was in the driver seat. Bounds then shot Gromberg twice in the back of his head using a .22 semi-automatic handgun. Bounds fled the scene, leaving Gromberg’s body in the driver seat, and returned to Phoenix. At the time of the murder Bounds believed Gromberg had cooperated with law enforcement in the homicide investigation of a fellow white supremacist gang member.

Assistant Attorneys General Brett Harames and Shawn Steinberg prosecuted this case.