Arizona Wins Significant Victory On Behalf Of Voters

(Wednesday, March 19, 2014) -- Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is today announcing that Arizona has won a significant victory in the legal battle to require voters to provide evidence of U.S. citizenship as mandated by Arizona law. 

Arizona joined Kansas in a federal lawsuit against the Federal Election Assistance Commission, which had denied requests by both states to vary the federal election registration form to include proof of citizenship. The court ruled today that the Election Assistance Commission exceeded its authority in denying those requests, and ordered the Commission to help Arizona and Kansas enforce their voter identification laws.

“I personally argued this case, before the United States Supreme Court. The language of that Supreme Court case dictated today’s result in the District Court. The victory was really won at the level of the United States Supreme Court. There’s been a media cover-up of the seriousness of voter fraud in Arizona. In an earlier trial, a Federal District Judge in Arizona found that voter fraud is a serious problem in Arizona.”

Horne continued: “Today’s decision is an important victory for the people of Arizona against the Obama Administration, assuring that only Arizona residents and not illegals, vote in Arizona elections."