Arizona Files Lawsuit Against Honeywell for Concealing Data of Releases of Its 34th Street Facility

(Phoenix, Ariz. – July 9, 2004)  Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced that his office filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality against aerospace giant Honeywell International, Inc. for concealing key environmental information regarding its engine testing facility located at 111 S. 34th Street in Phoenix.  

The lawsuit alleges that Honeywell concealed information regarding releases of jet fuel contaminated with solvents from ADEQ and interested private parties since the late 1980s.  The complaint filed in Maricopa County Superior Court alleges 40 violations of Arizona law, including violations of underground storage tank, hazardous waste and Superfund state statutes.

“Honeywell has endangered the health and safety of Phoenix residents for too long,” Goddard said.  “My office is seeking substantial civil penalties because money is the most effective tool to deter future conduct.”

The State’s lawsuit also alleges that Honeywell withheld environmental sampling information even after the company promised to provide all site-related data in a consensual order negotiated with ADEQ in September 1999.

"This is a serious matter that warrants substantial penalties," said ADEQ Director Steve Owens.

Honeywell recently agreed with ADEQ to a cleanup remedy for the jet fuel, however, it is estimated it could take eight to 10 years to clean up the jet fuel completely.  The 34thStreet facility is part of the Motorola 52nd Street Superfund Site.  That site has been the subject of an EPA investigation and cleanup activities as well as numerous other lawsuits.

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