Arizona Attorney General’s Office Launches AGTV to Inform and Protect Arizonans

PHOENIX -  In a continuing effort to protect consumers and educate Arizonans, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced the hiring of Emmy award-winning, former TV news anchor Heather Moore to launch and oversee a new video channel called AGTV. From consumer protection to community outreach, civil rights, and major lawsuits, the goal of AGTV is to give members of the public the tools they need to protect themselves and their families. In 2021, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) reports an increase in complaints compared to previous years.

“AGTV will bring consumers the most timely information possible to protect themselves and their families,” said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. “Heather Moore is one of the most recognized and trusted voices in Arizona news, and she is now producing powerful reports on pressing matters from public safety to consumer protection on AGTV.”

AGTV will feature new content every week, available to all broadcast and municipal outlets throughout the state. This week, the first stories include:

  • Scammers posing as Amazon: A warning, after millions of dollars have been stolen by scammers posing as online shopping giant Amazon. They deceived customers into believing they have problems with their accounts. Watch video here.
  • Fake Online Reviews: Fake reviews that may mislead Arizonans into making poor choices. Many people rely on online reviews when researching a product or service. In a recent case, the AGO went after a home warranty company using fake reviews to misrepresent themselves. Watch video here.
  • Bank Scam: Fraudulent emails that make your wallet susceptible to online thieves. A Phoenix man believed he was the last person to fall for any kind of scam, but he lost $20K in an international wire fraud scheme after he opened an email stating he was owed a refund. Watch video here.
  • File AZAG Consumer Complaint: How to file a consumer complaint. AGTV takes a look at the Consumer Information and Complaints (CIC) Section of the AGO, where state attorneys help Arizonans who were ripped off. It all starts with simply filing a complaint – AGTV shows you how. Watch video here.

Of the more than one thousand people the AGO employs, 440 of them are attorneys. They work in six separate divisions, which include Civil Litigation, Criminal, Solicitor General, State Government, and Child/Family Protection.

How to Access AGTV
You can access AGTV here.