AG Tom Horne Statement on Execution of Robert Moorman

“Justice was carried out against convicted murderer Robert Moorman today, approximately 18 years after he brutally murdered and dismembered his adoptive mother, following a sentence of 9 years to life for kidnapping an eight year old girl.” Attorney General Tom Horne said.

“We have been working hard to help reform a system in which delays between verdict and execution are so long.  Families need to see justice done in a timely manner.  The eighteen year delay is average for the Ninth Circuit, which includes Arizona, and we are working hard to reduce that delay,” Horne added.

Horne also stated:  “There has never been any doubt as to Moorman’s guilt for this heinous crime.  While Moorman was offered a 72 hour compassionate leave to visit his adoptive mother, he bound, gagged, strangled and stabbed her to death.  He then dismembered her body and attempted to dispose of the parts by passing them off as animal remains or simply putting them into trash containers.  There is no rational reason for justice to have been delayed 18 years.”