Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



AG Horne: Response to Pearce Request to be Based on Law, Not Politics

PHOENIX (Friday, June 10, 2011) -- Senate President Russell Pearce has requested a formal opinion from the AG’s office. The request pertains to corporate contributions in the context of recalls. Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General, today stated that there will be a response within 30 days. Horne stated further:

“Like all formal opinion requests, this will be assigned to the Solicitor General’s Office, under the leadership of Solicitor General David R. Cole. The Solicitor General’s Office will analyze this question under the law, without regard to politics. A letter will be issued based on the analysis of the Solicitor General’s Office, without permitting politics to enter into the process at any point. The public expects these kinds of questions to be answered on a purely legal basis, without intrusion of politics, and that is what we will do.”