AG Brnovich Files Lawsuit Against Dental Supply Company Benco

PHOENIX -- Attorney General Mark Brnovich filed an Arizona Antitrust and Consumer Fraud lawsuit against dental supply company, Benco, for its alleged anticompetitive and deceptive acts that stifled competition in the Arizona dental industry and harmed Arizona consumers.

The lawsuit alleges that starting back in 2014, Benco engaged in an anticompetitive conspiracy to attempt to force a new, lower-priced competitor, SourceOne Dental, out of the Arizona market.  Benco allegedly took collective action and coordinated a boycott of the Arizona Dental Association to pressure Arizona consumers into purchasing from Benco.

“My office is committed to preventing conspiracies against free competition,” said Attorney General Mark Brnovich. “We will continue to fight to ensure Arizona consumers are not harmed by anticompetitive and deceptive acts and practices."

The complaint also alleges that Benco engaged in a series of deceptive acts and practices about its competitor, SourceOne.  According to the complaint, Benco spread word to manufacturers and dentists that SourceOne sold gray market products, implying that SourceOne’s products did not comply with U.S. safety regulations, even though Benco knew this was false.  General Brnovich is seeking remedies that include restitution for consumers and disgorgement of all profits and gains obtained as a result of Benco's alleged anticompetitive and deceptive acts and practices.

Copy of the complaint.