AG Brnovich Announces $2 Million Lumen Technologies Arizona Investment in Fiber-Optic Infrastructure

The investment will benefit small businesses, consumers, and government services in underserved rural areas.

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PHOENIX –  Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Lumen Technologies (Lumen), formerly known as CenturyLink, announced that the company will invest $2 million in fiber-optic infrastructure across Arizona. The investment is required pursuant to the terms of the consent judgment entered into with the State in February 2020.

"COVID-19 has highlighted the drastic need for fast internet, with so many people working from home and children attending school online,"  said Attorney General Brnovich. “Arizonans need a high-speed connection in rural areas, just as much as our big cities. Through this investment, Lumen will help expand educational access in our schools, allow for faster access to health and safety resources, and create new job opportunities for Arizonans.”

The planned communications infrastructure improvements will be in the following locations across Arizona:

  • Sonoita-Elgin (Schools, U.S. Customs & Border Patrol, Santa Cruz County, 12 small businesses, approximately 15,000 local customers);
  • Sedona – Oak Creek Canyon (Approximately 50 small businesses, benefits for local customers);
  • Stanfield – Casa Grande (Pinal County, Stanfield School District, approximately 30 small businesses, 2,000 local customers);
  • Whitlow – Queen Valley (Approximately 35 small businesses, thousands of local customers);
  • Page- Flagstaff (Police, Fire, EMT);
  • Wilhoit – Towers Mountain / Crown King Public Library (Crown King Public Library, thousands of local customers).

The investments are expected to benefit schools, law enforcement, fire, EMT, small businesses, local customers, and local government offices by extending cell phone coverage and internet connectivity in previously underserved areas. In addition, hundreds of small businesses and approximately 17,000 consumers in rural areas are expected to benefit from enhanced internet connectivity.

In February 2020, the Attorney General's Office secured a nearly $11 million Consent Judgment with CenturyLink to resolve allegations the company engaged in deceptive and unfair advertising and billing practices when it failed to disclose fees and charged consumers more than what was promised in advertisements and sales pitches. The settlement included $2 million for improvements to fiber-optic infrastructures in Arizona. 

This matter was handled by Civil Litigation Division Chief Joseph Sciarrotta and Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Bonham.

Copy of the Fiber Optic Infrastructure Investment Confirmation Letter.

Copy of the CenturyLink Consent Judgment.