Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Unscrupulous Telemarketers Frequently Use The Following Tactics

  • Use a fake caller identification number that appears to be local, a personal call or from a business that you recognize, and doesn’t work if you try to call back.
  • A high-pressure sales approach, urging you to "act now" or the offer won't be available later.
  • Falsely inform you that the marketer is a veteran, disabled, born-again Christian or has some other trait to convince you he or she is trustworthy.
  • Offer you something that sounds too good to be true, such as a "no-risk investment" or the opportunity to make lots of income from home, with little effort on your part.
  • Pretend to be licensed, certified, working for your credit card company or working for the government.
  • Asking for your credit card or checking account numbers or other personal financial information, to verify your “eligibility” or check your available credit, before you have agreed to make a purchase, and then charging you without your agreement.
  • Asking you to send money right away, through a wire service or overnight delivery. Fraudulent telemarketers will sometimes offer to pick up the money and the signed contract from your home.