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Mark Brnovich



Internet Safety

As the Internet continues to grow and offer a wealth of information to people around the world, so does the importance of protecting children and teens from potential Internet predators. In addition to identity theft and credit card fraud, new issues affecting teens such as Cyber-Predators, Sexting, Cyber-Bulling, Substance Abuse, and managing online profiles are at the forefront of Internet Safety concerns. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is committed to protecting children & teens from online predators and to providing resources to help individuals best protect their information online. To that end, the Attorney General’s Office is a member of the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (AZ ICAC).  ICAC is a national network of 61 coordinated task forces representing over 3,000 federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies. Of the 61 task forces, 53 are Arizona law enforcement agencies.

Together, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the AZICAC have produced materials for adults, parents, children, and teens with tips to help spot potential Internet predators and how to best protect yourself on the world wide web. Check them out below.

Please visit our additional pages on School Presentations, Cyber-Bullying, Sexting, and Parent Resources for more information on how you can protect yourself and your children from online predators.

Internet Safety & Anti-Bullying Flyer