Sandbox Participants


Start Date

Product Description

Omni Mobile, Inc. October 11, 2018 A financial service platform implementing an array of avante garde technologies to improve today’s payment systems through the utilization of direct ACH payments through OM’s centralized wallet infrastructure.
Grain Technology, Inc. October 29, 2018 An application that offers consumers personalized savings plans and credit opportunities through their existing bank account.
Sweetbridge NFP, Ltd. October 29, 2018 A blockchain-enabled product designed to purchase financing without a credit check and offer affordable, consumer-friendly vehicle title loans with an APR cap of 20%.
Align Income Share Funding March 20, 2019 A business model for income-sharing agreements that provide qualified consumers with a fixed amount of money in exchange for a percentage of the consumer’s future income over a scheduled period of time, subject to contingencies involving periods of unemployment or lowered income.
ENIAN, Ltd. May 8, 2019 A platform to help investors compare potential investment opportunities by providing an algorithm-based evaluation tool for potential solar and wind power projects looking for funding.
Verdigris Holdings May 8, 2019 A solution that combines custom technology and industry expertise to deliver simple transactional financial services at a low cost to unbanked people and the companies that serve them.
Zona Digital Commodity, LLC (d/b/a "Alta") July 11, 2019 A financial services “club” using money transmission services in connection with the sale of digital assets aimed at providing a cash management solution for licensed medical marijuana providers.
Wisetack, Inc July 11, 2019 Wisetack will test a consumer lending platform that enables small business partners to provide lending options at the point of sale for consumers seeking to finance household related projects (e.g., home repair, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, etc).