Delivery Sales Ban

In Arizona, Buying Cigarettes Online Is Illegal

What you should know about buying or selling tobacco online in Arizona:

  • Buying cigarettes, rolling tobacco, and most other tobacco* products over the internet is illegal. - See A.R.S. § 36-798.06.
  • It is also illegal to buy cigarettes and other restricted tobacco products over the telephone or through a mail order.
  • Arizona residents may ONLY buy cigarettes and other restricted tobacco products in person, at a retail store.
  • If you order cigarettes or other restricted tobacco products and they are delivered to you (via the mail or a delivery service) you are breaking the law and committing a felony.
  • You can be fined and your illegal purchase can be seized and destroyed.
  • Online tobacco purchases and mail order tobacco purchases will likely not be delivered. (It is illegal for mail carriers and delivery services to knowingly transport tobacco products.)
  • Buying discounted or cheap cigarettes online often violates additional state and federal tax and tobacco laws as well.

*Only cigars and pipe tobacco are exempt.