Consumer Advisories and Educational Resources by Topic:

Door-to-Door Sales:

  • The Arizona Attorney General's Office provides best practices when dealing with door-to-door sales. More information.
  • The FTC describes common door-to-door scams. More information.

Gift Card Purchases:

  • The Arizona Attorney General's Office gives tips for spotting and avoiding government imposter scams. More information.
  • The FTC offers information about common types of scams that may ask consumers to send money using prepaid gift cards. More information.

Pay Television:

  • The FTC warns consumers about the fine print in some pay television promotional offers and provides advice on how to avoid hidden charges. More information.
  • The FCC issues guidance on consumer protections for cable provider billing practices and how to file a complaint with the FCC. More information.

Service Contracts:

  • The FTC explains extended warranties and service contracts and suggests questions that consumers should ask before purchasing. More information.

Shopping Thieves:

  • The Arizona Attorney General's Office advises consumers regarding COVID-19 scams targeting Arizona seniors, including shopping thieves. More information.
  • The FTC provides information about shopping thieves exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to scam older adults in quarantine. More information.

Tech Support Scams:

  • The Arizona Attorney General's Office provides advice concerning work-from-home and classroom security during the COVID-19 pandemic. More information.
  • The FTC gives guidance on identifying, avoiding, and reporting tech support scams. More information.   

Telephone Contracts:

  • The FCC offers a consumer guide to understanding phone bill charges and an explanation of potentially deceptive billing practices. More information.
  • The FTC lists tips on how to address unauthorized fees and charges on phone bills. More information.


  • The Arizona Attorney General's Office explains changes to Arizona timeshare laws requiring clearer disclosures and a longer cancellation period. More information.
  • The FTC offers guidance on timeshare purchases, including descriptions of different timeshare ownership options, explanations of timeshare exchanges, and tips for dealing with timeshare resellers. More information.