What is Fair Housing

Not very long ago, Arizonans learned in segregated schools and ate at segregated lunch counters. Some were refused entry into other public places based on race. Economic disparity, deed restrictions and discriminatory attitudes often prevented minorities from owning homes or living in the neighborhood of their choice. Across Arizona and much of the nation, when minorities wanted to buy or rent, they were often told they were not welcome or were steered to other neighborhoods.

The goal of the Fair Housing Act, enacted as part of the 1968 Civil Rights Act, is to eliminate discrimination. Arizona law protects your right to have a place to live and makes it unlawful for any person to discriminate in connection with housing because of an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or physical or mental disability.

The Attorney General’s Office sees new cases every week alleging housing discrimination on the basis of race, family status and disability. Our efforts to investigate and resolve these cases receive crucial support from the Arizona Fair Housing Partnership, which brings together government, real estate professionals, housing providers, lenders, nonprofits and advocacy groups.