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Victims' Rights Program

In 1991 and 1995, the Arizona State Legislature passed statutes to define and implement the rights accorded to victims of crime under Article II, Section 2.1 of the Arizona Constitution. These implementing statutes are entitled Crime Victims' Rights (detailed in Arizona Revised Statute Title 13, Chapter 40) and Victims' Rights for Juvenile Offenses (detailed in Arizona Revised Statute Title 8, Chapter 3, Article 7.) Specific entities are identified within these statutes and charged with performing certain duties. Implemented, these duties take the form of mandated or non-discretionary services to victims of crime.

Arizona Revised Statute § 41-191.06(A) establishes a Victims' Rights Program (VRP) in the Attorney General's Office. The Program is charged with assisting and monitoring state and local entities that are required to implement and comply with Arizona's victims' rights laws. The Attorney General's VRP Plan includes the following: (1) disbursement of Victims' Rights Fund (VRF) monies pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute § 41-191.08, (2) performance and financial evaluations of agencies that receive these monies, and (3) submission of an annual report to the Arizona Governor and Legislature on the Victims' Rights Program.

Monies to support the financial impact of providing rights for victims of crime and delinquency are derived from two sources: (1) collections under a Criminal Justice Enhancement Fund assessment, a percentage of which is deposited monthly to the VRF and (2) collections and subsequent deposits to the VRF of a juvenile parental assessment fee.

FY16 Annual Report Webinar Training

It is that time to begin thinking about your FY16 Annual Report, which is due on August 12, 2016. As you are aware, all Victims' Rights Program Activity, including your FY16 Annual Report, will be submitted using our Grants Management System (GMAN). We will be offering our FY16 Annual Report webinar training to Victims' Rights Program (VRP) participants. The training is required for those who have never completed the Annual Report and open for those who may need a refresher. Please CLICK HERE to register online by Monday, May 2, 2016. Please select the appropriate training date and time in the dropdown menu and have only one representative from your agency register for the webinar. The link to the webinar training will be sent to the registrant closer to the training date. 

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