Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich




The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is dedicated to a system of justice that is inclusive of crime victims and will remain vigilant in striving to provide the most efficient and effective service to the people of Arizona. The services provided to crime victims and the technical assistance and support provided to criminal justice agencies and other service providers is the responsibility of the Office of Victim Services.

The mission of the Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services is to promote and facilitate justice and healing for Arizona’s crime victims and to support criminal and juvenile justice system entities statewide in the administration of victims’ rights laws. The Office of Victim Services is broken down into two primary facets, the advocacy and assistance provided to crime victims of cases prosecuted/argued by attorneys of the Attorney General’s Office and the leadership and agency support responsibilities that impact on the legal rights afforded to victims of crime in Arizona. These include the Victims’ Rights Program which provides financial assistance to criminal justice agencies, the Victims’ Rights Enforcement Program, and Victims’ Rights Training.