Human Trafficking

The Attorney General’s Office and Attorney General Tom Horne have been working for three years to end trafficking of young and vulnerable teens in Arizona.

The Arizona Attorney General Underage Sex-Trafficking Coalition was formed in 2011 to raise public awareness, educate the community and to advocate to effect change in local, regional, state and even federal laws as it relates to human trafficking.

Attorney General Tom Horne serves on a coalition with Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and others to draft legislation that will raise the penalties for those who are using our youth for profit in commercial sex trade.

One of the ways to impact this is to follow the money trail. Our youth, and they are mostly female, are being victimized by abusers who sell their “victims” for financial gain.

“Victim advocates and members of law enforcement know there are many tentacles to this problem,  Child pornography, drugs, misuse of technology to name a few,” according to Attorney General Tom Horne.

These girls are not only from poverty-stricken areas, but from every socio economic background. “The coercion of a vulnerable individual by these menacing predators must be stopped,” added Attorney General Tom Horne.

The Attorney General is working to raise awareness of the force, fraud, and coercion that is an integral part of sexual exploitation. Traffickers and those who prey on our children are masterful at deception and gaining trust online and in public places. Children who are most vulnerable are those without adult supervision.

The Attorney General is coordinating strategies to stop human Trafficking, training law enforcement, and working to create awareness to improve overall public safety. By acknowledging the correlation between trafficking and people coming to Arizona for conventions and sporting events, we can begin to combat the sexual exploitation of our children.

Read the Demanding Justice Project Benchmark Assessment by clicking the image below.