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Attorney General Tom Horne Announces Sentencing For Leader of Crack Cocaine Distribution Ring

Significant Investigation Results in Seizure of Cocaine, Cash, Vintage Vehicles and Leads to Arrest and Prosecution of 56 Other Individuals Involved in the Distribution of Illegal Drugs

Phoenix, AZ (Thursday, August 22, 2013) -- Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is today announcing the sentencing of David Mosley, 52, who on August 16, 2013 was given an aggravated term of 14.75 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections and ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 for his involvement in heading a large-scale crack cocaine distribution ring operating in the Phoenix area. 

This case began when a car with custom plates got the attention of an undercover narcotics detective. The officer had his curiosity piqued and the investigation ultimately led to a very large indictment that netted a large number of gang members and their cocaine suppliers.

Based upon an eight-month investigation conducted by officers with the Phoenix Police Department’s South Mountain Precinct and special agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration, investigators learned that Mosley was responsible for the manufacture and distribution of  significant quantities of crack cocaine every week to dozens of individuals, including gang members, who were responsible for operating crack houses in the south Phoenix neighborhood referred to by law enforcement as the “Rock Block.”    

“This investigation was a successful joint effort between state and federal law enforcement agencies and resulted in the arrest and prosecution of more than 50 people engaged in illegal drug and gang activity,” said Attorney General Tom Horne.

Search warrants served at David Mosley’s two residences revealed large quantities of crack and powder cocaine, and approximately $80,000 in cash. It also revealed numerous other items purchased by Mosley with proceeds from his drug trafficking including several valuable newer model and historic vehicles, as well as a massive Air Jordan shoe collection valued in excess of $60,000.  

With the assistance of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, the investigation into David Mosley resulted in the arrest and prosecution of 56 other individuals involved in the distribution of illegal drugs, many of whom are currently serving terms in the Arizona Department of Corrections. 

Photos of David Mosley and the car that started the investigation (now being put to much better use) are attached.