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AG Tom Horne gets $250,000 Judgment Against Telemarketing Firms in Credit Card Debt Reduction Scheme

Office Urges People Seeking Restitution to File Complaint by October 15, 2013

Phoenix, AZ (Monday, September 3, 2013) -- Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has settled a consumer fraud investigation into Arizona companies National Bankcard Monitor, LLC and Financial Interest Strategies, LLC, and their owner Gino Niccoli, with the filing of a Consent Judgment in Maricopa County Superior Court that provides for payment of $250,939.01 in restitution and civil penalties. 

Attorney General Horne Announces Settlement With Telemarketers Selling Home-Based "Business Opportunities"

Approximately $400,000 in Seized Funds will go to Defrauded Consumers as Restitution

Phoenix, AZ (July 16, 2013) - Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is today announcing a recent settlement against two Arizona telemarketing companies and their owners, alleged to have defrauded consumers in a “work from home” business opportunity scam.

Attorney General Tom Horne Obtains Additional $48 Million for Arizona AHCCCS

Phoenix, AZ (Tuesday, April 23, 2013) – Attorney General Tom Horne today announced that Arizona would receive an additional $48 million for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) as a result of a settlement reached in the pending tobacco enforcement case. This is in addition to the $100 million per year Arizona normally receives under the Tobacco Settlement. The final installment of $12 million is expected to be received today.

Attorney General Tom Horne Fights Senior Abuse

Phoenix (Thursday, March 7, 2013) – As part of Consumer Protection Week, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is today announcing the impact of one of his first initiatives since taking office - the Taskforce Against Senior Abuse (TASA), which was formed in March 2011. The TASA is comprised of community, business, and government leaders who are committed to identifying and advocating for the needs and concerns of senior citizens. 

Horne Joins National Settlement Over Toyota Safety Issues

PHOENIX (Thursday, February 14, 2013) -- Arizona is included in a legal settlement reached with Toyota over the manufacturer’s well-publicized recent safety issues, Attorney General Tom Horne said today.

Horne has joined 29 other states in announcing a $29 million settlement with Toyota Motor Corporation and its related North America entities over allegations Toyota concealed safety issues related to unintended acceleration. Arizona’s share is just under $700,000, which is designated for the state’s Consumer Revolving Fund.


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