The Arizona Attorney General’s Office Community Outreach and Education Section is pleased to offer the following webinars regarding important issues affecting Arizona families. These webinars are free and open to the public, please register at the links provided. If you would like to schedule a webinar for your school or community group, please contact us at (602) 542-2123 or

Disclaimer: If no one has registered or is logged in within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, we reserve the right to cancel the presentation.

Presentation Date/Time Register Access
Life Care Planning March 18th - 12:00pm Eventbrite Watch
Password: p3Y2iFBi3tZ
Life Care Planning March 25th - 6:00pm Eventbrite Watch
Password: kJHjDnaw745
Opioid Awareness and Prevention April 7th - 12:00pm Eventbrite Watch
Password: FUiHawi3x42
Opioid Awareness and Prevention April 21st - 6:00pm Eventbrite Watch
Password: Fg3ZWJUXa89
Young Consumer Guide May 13th - 6:00pm Eventbrite Watch
Password: U8Ffu5Man7Z
Young Consumer Guide May 29th - 12:00pm Eventbrite Watch
Password: jXMP2qeQ697
Task Force Against Senior Abuse June 15th - 12:00pm Eventbrite Watch
Password: MmR6PpJqm72
Task Force Against Senior Abuse June 25th - 6:00pm Eventbrite Watch
Password: EJvSw3WHk35