PSA Campaign

The Attorney General’s Office is committed to making sure all Arizonans are informed about the common tactics that scammers and fraudsters use to con Arizonans out of their hard-earned money. Although Arizona seniors are considered to be most vulnerable to financial fraud, millennials report experiencing losses more often to fraud, according to the Consumer Sentinel. The last thing Arizona’s young people need when they are starting to build their lives, start families, and launch their careers is financial loss to fraud. Our office has produced the following PSAs to shed light on this issue with the goal of preventing more people from falling victim to scams.

Please watch our videos to learn more about how scammers operate and the steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you!

If you think you have been scammed please file a consumer complaint with our office.

***These public service announcements are funded by the Arizona Attorney General's Office as part of a grant received through the SEARS Consumer Protection and Education Fund.***