Police Equipment Contracts

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is committed to partnering with law enforcement across the state and ensuring police agencies have the support and resources necessary so law enforcement can do their job effectively and keep officers safe.

The Office of the Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (AGO) has set aside approximately $2.5 million in total funds of Arizona’s portion of the Wells Fargo multistate settlement monies for purposes of funding requests by Arizona law enforcement agencies to procure police safety equipment that is not currently funded by other sources. The goal of the AGO is to award funding to every eligible law enforcement agency in Arizona that requests qualified funding. 

Available funds have been divided into various award category funding tiers, based upon current agency AZPOST certification (as of 05/01/2020). The equipment funding will be distributed through an executed Intergovernmental Agreement between the agency and the AGO. The Awarded funds are for a period of twelve (12) months upon notice of award and are subject to available funds. All funds must be expended by the end of the contract period. Agencies will be required to provide proof of purchase of approved equipment.

In the event eligible submission requests in a particular funding category exceed the capped amount of funds available for that funding tier, the overall money distributed to each qualified requestor in that tier will be adjusted proportionally.

Funding Tiers

Funding will be awarded in capped contract amounts to eligible agencies based on the current number of law enforcement personnel with AZPOST certification in each agency as of May 1, 2020. Funding amounts are as follows:

  • 1000+ certified officers: $58,00
  • 999-500 certified officers: $49,000
  • 499-300 certified officers: $40,000
  • 299-100 certified officers: $31,000
  • 99-50 certified officers: $27,000
  • 49-25 certified officers: $25,000
  • 24-15 certified officers: $20,000
  • 14-10 certified officers: $16,000
  • 9-5 certified officers: $10,000
  • 4-1 certified officers: $5,000

Allowable Safety Equipment

The goal of the AGO is to award funding for office safety equipment to every eligible law enforcement agency in Arizona that requests qualified funding. Examples of police safety equipment include, but are not limited to, personal protective equipment (PPE) related to COVID-19 exposure, as well as other protective equipment and safety gear necessary to protect your officers. The AGO is providing each law enforcement agency with the flexibility to determine what safety equipment is most appropriate for each agency, however, the AGO reserves the right to reject any funding request that is determined to be outside of the scope or purposes of law enforcement safety equipment. Funds from the AGO may be used to fund portions of requested qualified equipment.


Applications should provide a clear response to each question below and include a Cost Sheet (see Attachment II) with a narrative that provides a clear and concise explanation of the methods used to determine the actual anticipated costs for each line item in the budget. The AGO will provide funding to law enforcement agencies that intend to purchase pre-approved safety equipment or that can provide proof of planned purchase orders of pre-approved safety equipment. Previously purchased safety equipment is not eligible for reimbursement.

The AGO reserves the right to reject any initial funding request in whole or in part for any reason. Approved safety equipment purchases cannot be altered or modified without express prior written authorization from the AGO.

The application must be signed by the head of the agency or an authorized agency representative. Completed applications must be received by Friday, July 24, 2020.

Download an electronic copy of the application.

Please email or mail completed applications to:

Office of the Attorney General - Procurement Section
2005 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Attn: Cindy Palmer, Procurement Officer