Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich




The Defendant was originally employed by a 95 year-old vulnerable adult at her residence as a landscaper. He insinuated himself into her good graces and began to walk her three dogs and run errands. Cordova then brought in "third-party unlicensed caregivers" to control the victim’s residence. Many of these “caretakers” were his relatives, including his own wife, to assist the victim with accounting and bill pay. He attempted to isolate the victim from her family and threatened professional certified caregivers. Cordova took advantage of the victim’s reduced mental capabilities and embezzled over $100,000. Cordova had admitted receiving $7,000 in “gifts,” in the form of $5,000 and $10,000 checks written to him from the victim between January, 2010 and December, 2010. The victim has been evaluated and determined to have dementia and a licensed fiduciary and guardian have been appointed. The defendant pleaded guilty to Attempted Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adult, a Class 3 felony and was sentenced to probation with 312 days of jail.