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SB1487 Investigations

Legislator Requests for Investigation

Below is a list of Pending Legislator Requests for Investigation under A.R.S. §41-194.01 that have been submitted to the Attorney General's Office. Once a complete request is deemed received by the Office, there is a thirty-day period for the Office to complete its investigation and for the Attorney General to issue a report concluding whether the action that is the subject of the request violates, may violate, or does not violate state law. 

  1. Submissions should be made through the Legislator Request Form and addressed to CLD Investigations using (preferred) or mailed to:

Arizona Attorney General's Office
Attn: Civil Litigation Division / A.R.S. §41-194.01
2005 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004

   2. The Office welcomes written public comment regarding any of the below open investigations.                Alternatively, a person may contact the Civil Litigation Division by phone at (602) 542-3725. 

  1. Written comments should be as succinct as possible. The Office reserves the right not to review submissions.
  2. All written submissions on pending requests will be considered public records and retained consistent with the Office's general public records retention policies and practices. 

Open SB1487 Investigations:

Request No.  Question Presented Requesting Legislator(s)

Whether the City of Tempe, through its ordinances and leases, is violating Arizona statutory restrictions on the use of Government Property Lease Excise Taxes

Attachment 1 – Tempe Ordinance No. 2017.39
Attachment 2 – Tempe Council Minutes – July 27, 2017
Attachment 3 – Tempe Ordinance No. 2017.48
Attachment 4 – Tempe Council Minutes – November 9, 2017
Attachment 5 – Tempe Resolution No. 2010.76
Attachment 6 – Tempe Staff Summary Report on Resolution No. 2010.76
Attachment 7 – Tempe Council Minutes – May 20, 2010
Attachment 8 – Graduate Tempe, LLC Lease
Attachment 9 – KBSII Fountainhead, LLC Lease
Attachment 10 – Leach Letter to City of Tempe dated November 30, 2017

Rep. Vince Leach

17-005 Did the Town of Patagonia violate Arizona law by adopting an ordinance restricting the total number of trips made by a “heavy duty truck?  Rep. Vince Leach

Closed SB1487 Investigations:

Request No.  Question Presented Requesting Legislator(s)

Whether the City of Phoenix Police Department's "Transparency Policy" violates A.R.S. 38-1109?

Attachment 1

AG Signed Report RE: Request No. 17-004

Final Disposition: Does Not Violate State Law

Rep. Jay Lawrence


Does the City of Bisbee's ordinance regulating the use of plastic bags violate state law?

AG Signed Report RE: Request No. 17-003

Final Disposition: Violates State Law

Sen. Warren Peterson

17-002 Did the City of Phoenix violate state law when they enacted Phoenix Police Department Operations Order 4.48:Immigration Procedures?

Attachment 1 - Detailed Complaint
Attachment 2 - ARS 11-1051
Attachment 3 - Phoenix Police Operations Order 4.48 - Immigration Procedures

AG Signed Report RE: Request No. 17-002

Final Disposition: Does Not Violate State Law

Sen. John Kavanagh


Whether the City of Somerton's Ordinance requiring of a church a Conditional Use Permit to operate in a commercial zone is in conflict with Arizona law? 

AG Letter to City of Somerton - August 10, 2017
City of Somerton Letter to AG - August 17, 2017

City of Somerton Letter to AG - August 28, 2017

Final Disposition: Withdrawn by Requesting Legislator

Rep. Don Shooter


Whether the City of Tucson is destroying confiscated and/or forfeited firearms in violation of Arizona law?

Attachment 1
Attachment 2
AG Signed Report RE: Request No. 16-002
Special Action to Repeal Tucson Gun Ordinance
AZ Supreme Court Ruling - State of Arizona v. City of Tucson

Final Disposition: Violates State Law

Rep. Mark Finchem


Has the Town of Snowflake violated provisions of state law with respect to the Approval of Facilities Agreement with, and special use permit to, Copperstate Farms LLC by the Snowflake Town Council on June 28, 2016?

AG Signed Report RE: Request No. 16-001
AG Letter to Rep. Paul Boyer - November 1, 2016

Final Disposition: May Violate State Law

Rep. Paul Boyer