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AZAG files 2nd Motion to Consolidate Additional AID Cases


Today, the Office of the Arizona Attorney General filed our Second Motion to Consolidate Additional Cases, asking the Court to add six cases to the list of consolidated cases.  Most of these cases were recently remanded from federal court.  Those cases are:

CV2016-004594AID LLC, et al. v. ABS, SW Investor LLC

CV2016-004655 AID LLC, et al. v. Smith’s Food & Drug Centers

CV2016-006695 AIDF v. CNL Funding 2000-A Limited Partnership

CV2016-006739 AIDF v. Wright-Oracle LLC

CV2016-006845 AIDF v. Smith’s Food & Drug Centers

CV2016-007107 AIDF v. Russell Enterprises Inc.

Appendix A,  contains what we believe to be the most up-to-date list of the cases that should be consolidated.  (This is the list we have asked the Court to use.)  If you are a business or an attorney representing a business, and your case does not appear on that list, and you believe it should, please inform our office as soon as possible.  Note that we have not removed any cases, so if your case was previously consolidated, it still is.


Appendix A - Updated 1-6-16

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PHX #5504299 - AID 2nd Motion to Consolidate Additional Cases

Order Dismissing Consolidated Cases