Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Arizonans with Disabilities Act



State v. Harkins Administrative Services, Inc. et al. (Consent Decree ) November 2011
State v. Cinemark Holdings, Inc. et al. (Complaint) October 2011
Stave v. La Paloma Family Services, Inc. (Agreement) May 2008
Stave v. Buggy Inn, L.L.C. (service animal) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) May 2008
Tate v. Marquee Theaters (Access to Movie Theaters) (Complaint) (Settlement Agreement) February 2007
State v. Harkins Amusement Entertainment Inc. (Access to Movie Theaters)(Complaint) (Joint Notice of Appeal) (Order) December 2006
State v. Copy Shop (service animal ) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) October 2006
State v. Family Health (service animal) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) September 2006
State v. Saban Rent a Car (transportation)(Complaint) (Consent Decree) August 2004
State v. Aloha Shuttles (transportation)(Finding of Fact) June 2004