Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



State v. City of Scottsdale (disability)

July, 2010

This Agreement is made between the Civil Rights Division of the Arizona Attorney General's Office (Division), Kathryn Collison, as legal guardian for Robert Garvie, (Complainants), and the City of Scottsdale (Respondent). Although Ava Investment Corporation was also named as a Respondent in the above-referenced complaint, it is not a party to this Agreement because the City of Scottsdale owns and controls the parking at issue in this complaint. A complaint of public accommodations discrimination based on disability having been filed by Complainants against Respondent City of Scottsdale pursuant to the Arizonans with Disabilities Act (AZDA), Arizona Revised Statute § 41-1492 et seq., the parties have conferred and voluntarily agree to and do resolve the issues in the complaint on the following terms...