Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich




As a limited status employee, you:

  1. Will be on limited original probation for one year, which can be extended upon request by management.  A limited appointment is for a period of time not to exceed 36 months.  You may transfer, promote or demote to a permanent status position once you have attained limited permanent status provided your limited appointment was from a competitive hiring list. However, you will be required to serve a one year original probationary period and shall not have the right to return to the limited position if the probation is unsuccessful.  A permanent status employee may replace you during periods of reduction in force.  You do not have re-employment, reinstatement, or reduction-in-force rights.
  2. Are covered by State law prohibiting conflicts of interest and restricting your political activities.
  3. May be required to work overtime to accomplish the work of the Office of the Attorney General.  If you are required to work more than 40 hours in a week, and are non-exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you will receive, for each hour over 40 worked, either 1½ times your regular rate of pay in cash, or 1½ hours of compensatory leave.  If you are exempt from FLSA and eligible to receive compensatory time, you will receive one hour of compensatory leave for each hour over 40 worked.
  4. Must have State and Federal income taxes withheld from your salary each payday in accordance with State and Federal law.
  5. Must have FICA (Social Security) withheld from your salary each payday.
  6. Are covered by Workers’ Compensation.
  7. Are eligible for credit union membership.
  8. Are eligible to participate in the Arizona Deferred Compensation Program.
  9. Are eligible to use the Grievance Procedure to resolve problems in accordance with appropriate Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) Personnel Rules.
  10. Are eligible for time off with pay for holidays (if not required to work), in accordance with appropriate ADOA Personnel Rules.
  11. Are eligible for sick, annual and all other categories of leave with pay, in accordance with appropriate ADOA Personnel Rules.
  12. Are eligible to participate in the State’s health, dental, life and disability income insurance programs.
  13. Must participate in the Arizona State Retirement System or Public Safety Retirement System, dependent upon the classification of your position.  The deductions may vary from year to year.
  14. May receive performance evaluations and may be eligible for consideration for performance pay increases.
  15. Do not have the right of appeal to the State of Arizona Personnel Board if you are disciplined or dismissed at any time during your limited original probation period.
  16. Are not eligible for promotion until you receive limited permanent status; however, you may compete for vacancies open to the general public.
  17. The Office of the Attorney General through it policies and procedures has certified that it provides a drug-free work place for all of its employees.  Employees are expected to adhere to these policies and to participate in providing a drug-free work place for all the Office of the Attorney General employees.

You will be asked to read and sign a drug-free workplace policy.  It is your responsibility to comply with the policy.  Employees are expected to maintain a substance-free work environment.  Furthermore, the use, sale, purchase, or possession of controlled substances at the workplace or at any other time may be grounds for discipline up to and including termination.  In addition, the consumption of alcohol during lunchtime is discouraged.

I have received and read this document.  I understand that this list is not exhaustive and that my  employment also includes compliance with the laws and personnel rules of the State of Arizona, and the regulations and operating procedures of the Office of the Attorney General by which I am employed.  I understand this document does not add anything to or take anything away from ADOA Personnel Rules.  In case of a conflict between this document and ADOA Personnel Rules, the ADOA Personnel Rules control.

I understand that this information regarding my employment may in the future change in accordance with legislative enactments, changes in the personnel rules and/or management decisions.  I understand that these changes can occur without my consent.

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