Case Investigative Assistant (Criminal Division)

Division: Criminal Division

Location: Phoenix

Position Summary: 

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office Criminal Division/Special Investigations Section is seeking a Case Investigative Assistant to the Social Security Administration Task Force, the position will:

1.     Use computer and writing skills to produce reports, memoranda, letters, and analytical products and have knowledge of investigative policies, operations, and procedures related to civil and criminal investigations.

2.     Provide professional level criminal analytical research, analysis and reporting in the investigation and prosecution of complex fraud cases.

3.     Have knowledge of the operations of law enforcement/commercial databases/social media and other available sources of investigative information, and knowledge of the principles of computer technology in the development of investigative databases and database management.  Review and analyze investigative records, including financial records, and prepare investigative reports; create spreadsheets; use of data and link analysis in fraud detection.   

4.     Gather background information on claimants using the local law enforcement criminal records system, public records databases, and Federal law enforcement databases and uses it to prepare background reports.

5.     Assist  investigators by running record checks, criminal history checks, social media, vehicle checks, making phone calls, and verifying addresses and phone numbers, etc.