Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Who Should Report Elder Abuse or Neglect?

Abused seniors are silent victims. They are usually unable to report the abuse and can remain isolated for long periods of times. If you know or suspect that an older adult is being abused or severely neglected, you must take action.

Everyone who sees elder abuse or neglect should report it. Elder abuse is a crime and it should be reported and stopped. What happens in another’s home is everybody’s business when it involves elder abuse. No one should be reluctant to report evidence of elder abuse, no matter who is doing it!

Arizona law mandates that certain professionals report abuse, neglect, or exploitation if they have a basis to believe it has occurred. Those professionals include: physicians, hospital interns or residents, surgeons, dentists, psychologists, social workers, peace officers, guardians, conservators or other individual who have responsibility for the care of an incapacitated or vulnerable adult.

An attorney, accountant, trustee, guardian, conservator or other person who has responsibility for preparing the tax records of an incapacitated or vulnerable adult or a person who has responsibility for any other action concerning the use or preservation of the incapacitated or vulnerable adult's property and who, in the course of fulfilling that responsibility, discovers a reasonable basis to believe that exploitation of the adult's property has occurred or that abuse or neglect of the adult has occurred also is mandated to report the abuse, neglect, or exploitation.