Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



What Happens When Nothing Happens?

In Arizona, freedom comes before safety. Individuals are free to determine for themselves how they want to live. Certain adults choose to live in situations that may not be the norm and create a concern for others in the community. Situations such as these usually start at an early age, but since the person is not vulnerable they are considered lazy or eccentric. Once that person becomes an older adult, the community blames their age for the deplorable and unsafe conditions in which they live. When APS investigates this type of situation, they are usually told to leave. APS has no other choice then to leave if the client has the capacity to make that decision. APS can receive multiple reports on this type of client but still be unable to do anything. These cases can cause community concern and can lead to an inaccurate feeling that APS has done nothing to "fix" the situation.