Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Characteristics of Abusers

  • They are most often loved ones or persons in positions of trust. They are often the victim’s sole or primary care provider
  • 90% of abusers are known to the victim, more than two-thirds are relatives of the victim
  • May be socially isolated, possibly substance or alcohol abusers with poor employment records
  • May be forced to provide care, and are unprepared for the responsibility and related stress
  • May resent being responsible for the well being of the person or retaliating against the older relative for past mistreatment
  • May lack basic feelings for the person for whom they are caring
  • May be financially or emotionally dependent on the older adult
  • May have a history of family abuse
  • Abusers are evenly split between male (48%) and female (52%)