Top 10 Consumer Scams

You should not be a victim.

Arizonans need to be well-informed about the constant threat of consumer fraud. Predators are always looking for new and inventive ways to steal. Whether it’s a fraudulent loan scheme, a dishonest repair shop, or the newest threats found on the Internet, you need to know how to protect yourself.

This booklet contains valuable information about some of the most common consumer scams. But no matter what the scheme may be – even if it’s something new – many of the ideas you can read about here will help you spot possibly fraudulent practices. The best defense is a good offense, and someone who is trying to perpetrate a scam will not get far when a consumer – you – is well informed. 

Because consumer scams are always being created by inventive criminals, the Attorney General’s office is constantly updating the materials available to Arizonans. Not only is this booklet a valuable resource, but you can get added information at the Attorney General website:, where you can also sign up for Scam Alerts.

If you believe you are the victim of a consumer scam or have concerns about something that appears to be suspicious, please contact the Attorney General’s Community Services Program at 602-542-2123; 800-352-8431 or

Thank you

Tom Horne
Attorney General

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