Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Public Service Orientation Manual

I am pleased to present the new, updated, and expanded Public Service Orientation Guidebook to assist you in performing your stewardship responsibilities. This Public Service Orientation Guidebook is developed to give public officers an overview of Arizona’s laws concerning ethical standards. We’ve developed the Guidebook to comprehensively meet your needs. Please note that there may be special ethical standards that are not covered by this Guidebook. These specialized provisions, unique to each public body, may be found in the constitution, statutes, rules, and court decisions that address the operation of your office. I request that you consult with the Assistant Attorney General assigned to your agency who will assist you to locate the standards applicable to your agency and explain any specialized provisions not covered in this Guidebook.

Please be aware that although the Attorney General’s Office offers this Guidebook and a training program to assist you, the Office also is responsible to investigate and prosecute violations of public service laws. Accordingly, it is important that public officers understand that they are each responsible for complying with the law. It is not possible for this Guidebook to include every legal prohibition or requirement that applies to public officers. When in doubt regarding your obligations under these laws, please consult the Assistant Attorney General assigned to your agency.

The Attorney General’s Office regularly revises and updates the Guidebook. We appreciate your suggestions and comments. Please provide your comments to Mary Jo Foster, Special Counsel for Ethics and Training.


Mark Brnovich
Attorney General

PDF: 2.3 MB