Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Identity Theft Tip Card

  • Carefully review your bank and credit card statements monthly.
  • Ask your credit card company to stop sending blank checks with your statements.
  • Keep credit card account information and PIN numbers in a safe place and cancel credit cards that you don’t use.
  • Never give bank or credit card account information over the phone unless you initiated the call and know the business.
  • Order a free copy of your credit report annually and check it carefully.
  • When ordering by phone or on-line, use a credit card rather that a debit card because there are greater protections with a credit card.
  • Always take your credit card receipts.
  • Always use a secure mailbox when mailing checks.
  • Shred everything with personal identifying information before discarding.
  • Delete all personal information from your computer before disposing of it.
  • Remove your name from mailing lists generated by telemarketers. Contact the Direct Marketing Association at
  • Never carry your Social Security card with you.
  • Do not give your personal information in response to emails pretending to be from bank, credit card company or internet service provider. These emails are from con artists. Legitimate financial institutions will never ask for this information in email.