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Mark Brnovich



Identity Theft Repair Kit

I’m Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Locking your door when you leave home or when you get out of your car is second-nature to most people. But securing personal information like your social security number, credit and debit card information, insurance cards, Medicare and Medicaid information and other sensitive materials is just as important.

Identity theft is a growing problem in Arizona, and you can protect yourself. As Arizona’s Attorney General, I want to help you be aware of this problem and fight back.

Always review your bank, insurance and credit card statements as well as any other bills you may receive. Be on the alert for unusual activity.

Review your credit report on a regular basis. You are entitled to one free credit report from each of the three major credit reporting services in the United States during a 12-month period.

Never give sensitive information over the phone and only use reputable, trusted merchants when making purchases online.

And you should only use your social security number on official government documents. It should not be used as a password.

Any sensitive documents that you have which you no longer need, should be shredded.

If you believe you are the victim of identity theft, contact a major credit bureau, your bank, credit union, credit card providers and anyone else who may be affected to alert them to the possible theft.

You may also contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Identity Theft Helpline at the phone numbers and web address shown here.

(602) 542-2145 (Phoenix)
(520) 628-6504 (Tucson)
(800) 352-8431 (Outside Maricopa and Pima Counties)

I’m Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Thank you.

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