Charity Scams: Get The Facts

When disaster strikes, or when people in need ask for help; that is when the good in people comes to light. Unfortunately, there aretimes when calls for charitable assistance bring out the worst in some people.

That is why, as your Attorney General, it is my job to help keep you informed and empowered to protect yourself from criminal predators.

There are thousands of legitimate charitable organizations, and it is important that when you make the choice to contribute, that you are sure that your money is going toward the purpose you intended. Some organizations are not prudent with their expenses, and criminal predators will often use the guise of what appears to be a charitable group to actually con people out of their money.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Even cautious individuals can mistake a fraudulent fundraiser for a legitimate organization since scam artists will often use the same techniques as reputable groups. The answer is for you to become well-informed about how to spot and avoid potential trouble.

This material is designed to give you the resources needed to be cautious about where you spend your charitable contributions.

Tom Horne
Arizona Attorney General

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