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Victim Services

Victim Services Internship Program

Crime Victim Advocate Internship

Thank you for your interest in participating in an internship at the Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services. During this internship, you will help serve crime victims in a number of ways. You will empower victims by informing them of significant case-related information, as well as ensuring that statute-mandated victims’ rights are provided. In addition, you will assist crime victims in accessing appropriate and financially accessible services within their community. 

Restitution: The Realities

The Arizona Constitution provides that crime victims are “to receive prompt restitution from the person or persons convicted of the criminal conduct that caused the victim’s loss or injury.”

Restitution is most often ordered at the time of sentencing and may include reimbursement for:

Office of Victim Services

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary program established to promote justice and healing for people affected by crime in Arizona.

The Office of Victim Services provides a number of services to crime victims and justice agencies throughout the State, including:

The Criminal Appeals Process

Our criminal justice system includes a number of steps that must be completed before a person can be convicted of a crime.

While conviction and sentencing often mark the end of the Court’s involvement in a criminal case, sometimes the case may be appealed.

In Arizona, every person convicted of a felony may appeal. Defendants sentenced to death automatically have an appeal filed on their behalf.

Victims of a crime are entitled, upon request, to be advised of the case status while it is on appeal and of the outcome of the appeal.

Arizona Crime Victims’ Rights Laws

Arizona Constitution:

Article II, Section 2.1 – Victims’ Bill of Rights

Arizona Revised Statutes:

  • Title 13, Chapter 40 – Crime Victims’ Rights 13-1415 – HIV and STD Testing;Victims’ Rights
  • Title 8, Chapter 3, Article 7 – Victims’ Rights for Juvenile Offenses
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